Membership fee info and payment instructions are provided below. Please read carefully.

2019 Quick Links

NOW LIVE: Click here to become a Fairmeadows Swim Club Member and pay online.

Need help with online payment? Access step-by-step instructions here: Registration instructions

Please note, we only accept payment via credit card.

2019 Membership Dues


FAMILY: $595



SENIOR: $350

The Details

Online payment

As outlined above, you can securely pay membership fees here. Please note Oasys Sports will appear on your credit card statement.

Processing Fee for New Members

If you were NOT a member in 2018, you must pay a one time, $450 nonrefundable processing fee with your registration. Important note for new members: You must pay the new member processing fee and the fee associated with your membership type. For example, a new family will pay a total of $1,045 for the 2019 season.


Please note, all new membership processing fees and annual membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Member Rules

All members are required to carefully review and abide by the rules.

Fairmeadows Swim Club Rules

Membership Inactivity Notice

Please note, if your membership becomes inactive (i.e. your membership lapses and you do not join for a year or more) you are required to pay the new member processing fee again upon reinstating your membership. Please see “processing fee for new members” section.


Our lifeguards will be closely monitoring non-member/visitor entry in 2019.

$5 per visitor per day. Members can bring visitors 3 times per month. Otherwise, visitors need to apply for membership. Visitor fees are accepted directly on the pool deck via PayPal or cash. Check in with a lifeguard.


Please note, all members are required to complete the Fairmeadows Swim Club Waiver prior to using the pool facilities. The waiver is completed electronically on our payment platform prior to payment submission.


Send us an email.